About the program

Program set up

The Dafiti Training Program will take you on a two year journey of hands-on experience, training, and personal growth.

1st Year

You will be assigned to two different departments according to your area preferences and department needs. You may challenge your creativity in the Marketing Department, develop your analytical skills in the Financial Department, manage against key performance indicators in the Business Intelligence Department, or get your hands dirty in the Operations Department!

We want to arm you with range of experiences across departments, enabling you to more fully understand Dafiti's business and effect positive change within the organization. Additionally, you will participate in training programs throughout the year to better foster your personal and technical development.

2nd Year

During the first semester of your second year, you will gain international exposure by being placed in one of Dafiti's International Offices (Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, or Santiago de Chile), taking part in business critical projects abroad. You will also spend two weeks in Berlin, learning from Europe's biggest business incubator and Dafiti investor, Rocket Internet.

In the second semester of your second year, you will work directly with one of Dafiti's Vice Presidents or Directors. This will be the final step before the next move in your career: assuming a senior role within the company, leading people and managing projects!

About you

"Your approach to life determines your success, be the change you want to see in the world!"

Our graduates are:

- Innovative and open-minded
- Constructive and curious
- Energetic and proactive
- Ambitious and goal oriented
- Analytical and strong communicators
- Entrepreneurial

"Your education and experience are a strong foundation."

Our graduates have:

- Degree from a top Brazilian or International University
- International orientation
- Above average marks
- Fluency in English (Portuguese and/or Spanish is a plus)
- Advanced command of Microsoft Office

Recruitment Process

1. Online application (with English Test)
2. CV pre-screening
3. Online tests
4. HR interview (phone or at Dafiti's office in Sao Paulo)
5. Final Assessment Centre
6. Final offer



For a better understanding of Dafiti's Training Program 2012 we clarify some important points.

1) What are the objectives of Dafiti's Training Program?

The objective of the Program is to prepare and train high-potential talented young professionals to quickly become the future leaders of the company as well as to accelerate the development of these professionals. Finally we aim at developing an innovative and entrepreneurial culture, with a vision towards success, and capable of generating value and knowledge within the organization.

2) What is the duration of the Program?

The program lasts for 24 months and is divided into 4 different rotations of 6 months each.

3) How many Trainees are hired per year?

We plan to hire between 4 and 8 Trainees.

4) Where will I be based?

The trainees will be based in the Sao Paulo office and will complete a 6 months rotation in one of Dafiti's International offices in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City or Santiago de Chile.

5) Can I choose the location of my International placement?

The International placement location will depend on the performance of the Trainees during the first year. Trainees with higher evaluations will receive preference for abroad location. However, Trainees should be willing to relocate to any of our international offices. There will be two positions available in each international office.

6) Will the travelling and accommodation costs be covered for the Assessment Centre?

Eventual travelling and accommodation costs to participate in the process will be covered.

7) Who can apply to the Training Program?

Recent graduates from Top Brazilian and International Universities with up to two years of experience, fluent in English and with a good command of Microsoft Office.

8) What are the different steps of the Recruitment Process?

The Recruitment Process starts with an initial online application (including an English Test) followed by a pre-screening of the candidate's CV. Successful applicants will be invited to complete a series of online tests. Finally, candidates will be asked to complete a round of formal interviews and a final Assessment Center.

9) What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is on TBA

10) How will I know if I passed each stage of the recruitment process?

All the communication is made via email.

11) When does the Program start?

The Program starts in January 2013.

12) What kind of training will the Trainees receive?

Besides being assigned a tutor, the Trainees will receive Department Trainings one week ahead of each rotation. Additionally, Trainees will receive
- Technical training (SQL, Excel, VBA, Business Objects, etc.) each month;
- Language training (Portuguese, English, or Spanish) each week, if necessary;
- Leadership workshops every second month

13) Do all the trainees stay in the company after the Trainning Program is over?

After the Program's completion, all the trainees will be evaluated on performance and fit with the organization's culture and values. Trainees with outstanding evaluations may be asked to continue at Dafiti in a senior role.

14) In which Department will I be placed after the program's completion?

Successful Trainees will be placed according to their area of preference, technical ability, personality, and performance evaluation.

15) Does Dafiti sponsor Visas for International applicants?



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